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ApuKunaWan Classes, Realm of the Apus Series 3

There will be 7 classes in this series.
Class will begin on Sunday June 20th and will conclude on August 1st.

You are invited to continue your learning and deepening your understanding and connection with the Apus through the third series of ApuKunaWan Classes.

Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur and T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur


Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur

ApuKunaWan Classes Series 3

Anyone can register! The past two series are not required to begin your exploration and learning.

Join us as we enter the realm of the Apus and begin to explore the individual mountains and the Apu that resides within.

Learn about defining characteristics and the specific functions along with the different levels that exist in the pacha of the Apus.

Begin to focus and feel comfortable with your invocations as you open the sacred pachas and call in the all of the spiritual beings.

Continue to build your connection and spiritual relationship with the Apus through deepening your practice and ceremony.

Enjoy the support and love of the Ayllu through your presence with fellow students on the path!

There will be 7 classes in this series: Class will begin on Sunday June 20th and will conclude on August 1st.

Time: Noon to 2:00 p.m. Central Time


Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur

Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur was born in Poma Canchi, Peru, a small agrarian village surrounded by mountains and lagoons at 12,000 ft. He is the oldest of 6 children born to parents from a lineage of Inkas and medicine people. His journey in the Andean medicine ways began as a child under the guidance of his grandfather and parents who worked with plant medicines as Pampamisayoqs.

Tupaq experienced many of the classic initiations for becoming a medicine person. He has been struck by lightning twice (as a child and an adult). During adolescence he momentarily died from disease but was resuscitated by the Apus (mountain spirits). At age 16 Tupaq lost his father, and in addition to taking over helping his mother raise his siblings, the spirits of the mountains began their teachings to Tupaq directly.

After years of personal tests and training the Apus gave him the power of an Altomisayoq. With the guidance of their knowledge and practices Tupaq’s gifts come from a pure communion with the Apus for over 20 years. He has now begun to teach the cosmology he learned from the Apus and Pachamamas of sacred places in the land.

T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur

T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur is a descendent of one of the oldest lineages know as the Solar Inkas. He is the Founder of the School of the Solar Inka and the founder of Yachay Wasi Inka, Tawantinsuyu. He is an expert and has an endless amount of knowledge in regard to the Inkan culture and Andean spirituality. He has taught internationally and finds great joy in teaching all that come with curiosity and an open heart.


T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur

Registration and Tuition

This course is delivered through 7 live classes every Sunday from June 20th to August 1st.

Time: Noon to 2 p.m. Central Time

Each class recording will be available as on-demand video classes.

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