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Harmonic Flow Experience - Meet & Greet

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In this private 20-minute, eye-opening online-video-meeting, you will meet me to explore how a Harmonic Flow Experience may align your mind, body and spirit.

This revolutionary method is designed to take your personal, spiritual and professional practice to an exciting new level. so you can feel happiness inside and out.

This Zero-Obligation, Exciting Session Will:

Open your eyes to your untapped potential for expansion and acceleration that can be activated within yourself.

Boost the effectiveness of your healing sessions when working with yourself, friends, family and clients.

Provide an understanding of the HARMONIC FLOW METHOD and it's potential for personal healing and spiritual awakening.

Dedicate space and time supporting you in achieving your goals as a healer and healthcare professional, entrepreneur or spiritual seeker.

"Pol's skillset has significantly increased the speed and security of our company’s website and increased our sales. His knowledge of marketing design and expertise to implement business strategies has been a tremendous advantage for our business."

Jim Traister CEO/Founder HospitalityFan, Inc.

About Teri Nehring

Teri Nehring has been a practicing spiritual spiritual mentor, master energy healer and counselor for 30 years, helping thousands of clients achieve wholeness and measurably improved lives.

She has worked with several Medicine People throughout Peru and many teachers from various paths in the United States.

Teri designed the Harmonic Flow Method to empower healers and healing professionals, entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers to achieve a connected, co-creative, conscious and complete experience of their lives.

This method produces a revolutionary experience for clients as they begin to connect with themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Teri reflects, “Embracing flow in your life is like a savory box of assorted chocolates. The excitement lies in not knowing what delightful flavor you’ll experience, only that it’ll be delicious!”

Teri Nehring
Spiritual Mentor & Master Energy Healer

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