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ApuKunaWan - Realm of the Apus Series 3

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ApuKunaWan - Realm of the Apus Series 3 × 1
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ApuKunaWan - Realm of the Apus Series 3 × 1
Subtotal $320.00
Total $320.00


I can go at my own pace with the recordings.

"I find myself going at a different pace and need to let information settle after l listen. it is very special. It is also energising when l listen to it and so will continue to log in and listen to the recordings each time."

Karen Michlmayr - May 17, 2020
Student from the Inkan Prophecies and the Return of the Pachakutiy Course

Her vast training will ensure that she will find a path for you to explore together, grow, and find what you seek.

"Teri is one of the most caring individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. She listens with her whole being to your story. Only when she has the full picture does she act. Her vast training will ensure that she will find a path for you to explore together, grow, and find what you seek. Give Teri a call. She is “one in a million”.

Sue Strehlow - October 6, 2019

Walking the Spiritual Path of the Andes

Oh, my goodness! How it is that Teri Nehring was able to take her years and years of working with the Andean masters of Mysticism and bring them into a format that can be learned by Westerners in a few classes is nothing short of a miracle.

I, personally, have been doing this work for years, and though the Andean wisdom is fairly freely available to serious seekers of esoteric wisdom, it takes someone very special to be able to congeal such a completely different culture and way of thinking and to be able to teach it to people who have not been brought up in this culture.

This work is deeply steeped in the magnificently rich traditions of the Inka and Pre-Inka civilizations, intimately connected with a deep respect for the Nature Beings amongst whom we live, and offers an opportunity to dive in and reconnect with Mother Nature herself.

Congratulations to Teri for making available these beautiful indigenous teachings to those who are called to Andean Mysticism!

Lisa S. - June 15, 2020

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