Welcome to year two and the second level of training in learning

“The Wisdom of the Chumpi”

Initiation of the Chumpeq on the road of Inka Chumpikhuya Khipu Module 2

Module 2 starts on Sunday August 8th, 2021

These study classes in Module 2 will be focused on the practices and rituals of nurturing, caring for and managing the energies of the Chumpi Khuyas.

Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur and T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur


Claudio Ttito Kuntur

Module 2: Initiation of the Chumpeq on the road of Inka Chumpikhuya Khipu

The ancient masters of the Inka tradition of the Tawantinsuyu, within the infinity of their sacred knowledge, have saved and taught us the correct way to carry, care for, maintain and nurture the energies of the Chumpis.

This knowledge has been transmitted from lineage to lineage as a transmission for our time. Every student, teacher, healer and those who direct the energy ceremonies with the Chumpis, must know the secrets and keys to connect, guide and nurture the sacred Chumpi energies.

Once one has mastered the connections, secret and keys, the channeling and management of the Chumpi Khuyas begins. It is necessary to know the correct form, way of carrying, and raising to help the energy of the chumpis to activate.

The process of creating, raising and managing the Chumpi energies is called "Chumpi Khuya Khipu Uyway". As a carrier, you must know the way to connect and access the sacred dimension of the Chumpi energy and it's medicines. In order for you to attain access you will learn certain ancestral techniques and ceremonies that will help you to open and connect to these dimensions.

Your training will focus on the creation, the weaving and the handling as you learn to sustain the Chumpi energies in each Khuya and within the Chumpi Khipu.

In this module you will study and learn the correct forms and techniques of recognizing and knowning the Chumpi energies. You will understand how to acquire, carry and conduct the energies of the Chumpis through the Khuyas.

This course is delivered through 10 live classes every Sunday from August 8th to October 10th, 1 pm to 4 pm Central Time.

Each class recording will be available as on-demand 3 hour video classes.

Each class is accompanied by a glossary with the Quechua terms.

Chumpi Khuya Mesa

Chumpi 3
Chumpi 1

Origin of the Chumpi Khuya Mesa

The Chumpi Khuya Khipu currently known as Chumpi Mesa, comes from our pre Inkas and Inkas ancestors, the healing teachers and teachers known as MesaYuqkuna (carriers of Khuya tables) and Hampiqkuna (energy healers), who used to practice energy and spiritual healing of the diseased bodies. The Chumpis were also used as a form of protection, management and energy connection with specific energy points and spaces.

For many generations this art and knowledge about the Chumpi Khuyas has been reserved and protected by the descendants of the lineage of the Khuya Tables (bearers and guardians of the tables).

Thanks to these guardians of knowledge now manifesting again in these times. It is foretold in the prophecy of Pachakutiy this time period or Pacha that we are currently living in signifies the return and cosmic rearrangement in the Kay Pacha (space we currently line in). This seed of knowledge known as the Chumpi Khuya has returned for the restoration, healing and channeling of energy in physical and other bodies.

The Chumpi Khuya Khipu is a very special and sacred package or bundle wrapped in tradition. Inside it houses magic and mysteries of the Chumpi Kallpa, which are beneficial to heal the energetic body of being. This mesa which is composed of stones and other sacred materials are designed with specific shapes and codes to guide, channel and transform energy. The energy points or eyes of the body, which we call Ñawin and P'oqpo operate at their different levels and states in the body.

Chumpi Energy

It is important to know that Chumpi Khuyas have different levels, connections and functions, made of different types of stones and minerals from the earth. Some come naturally, produced by nature.

Other Chumpis come from another dimension that we call Pacha and are connected with cosmic beings, while other Chumpi Khuyas are made by the hand of man today, which are replicas of the original Chumpis.

The man-made Chumpis need a ceremony to enable and activate their energies. For this reason the Chumpi Khuyas energy manifests and is transmitted to the bearer according to their level of connection, their essence and the level and energy of the corresponding Chumpi Khuya.

The Chumpi Khuyas have the power to manage and channel specific energies in the body. We call these energy bands and belts. The bands and belts surround and are present in each ÑAWIN (energy points and sources). The energy points around and throughout the body are called P'oqpo.

The Chumpi Khuyas have the function of protecting, blocking, moving, maintaining, channeling, opening and driving the various energies of the body.

Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur

Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur was born in Poma Canchi, Peru, a small agrarian village surrounded by mountains and lagoons at 12,000 ft. He is the oldest of 6 children born to parents from a lineage of Inkas and medicine people. His journey in the Andean medicine ways began as a child under the guidance of his grandfather and parents who worked with plant medicines as Pampamisayoqs.

Tupaq experienced many of the classic initiations for becoming a medicine person. He has been struck by lightning twice (as a child and an adult). During adolescence he momentarily died from disease but was resuscitated by the Apus (mountain spirits). At age 16 Tupaq lost his father, and in addition to taking over helping his mother raise his siblings, the spirits of the mountains began their teachings to Tupaq directly.

After years of personal tests and training the Apus gave him the power of an Altomisayoq. With the guidance of their knowledge and practices Tupaq’s gifts come from a pure communion with the Apus for over 20 years. He has now begun to teach the cosmology he learned from the Apus and Pachamamas of sacred places in the land.

T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur

T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur is a descendent of one of the oldest lineages know as the Solar Inkas. He is the Founder of the School of the Solar Inka and the founder of Yachay Wasi Inka, Tawantinsuyu. He is an expert and has an endless amount of knowledge in regard to the Inkan culture and Andean spirituality. He has taught internationally and finds great joy in teaching all that come with curiosity and an open heart.

T'ito and Claudio

T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur and Claudio Ttito Kuntur

This course is delivered through 10 live classes every Sunday from August 8th to October 10th, 1 pm to 4 pm Central Time.

Each class recording will be available as on-demand 3 hour video classes.

Each class is accompanied by a glossary with the Quechua terms.

Class 1: Chumpiqkuna

In this class you will learn:

How to recognize the deities that direct and govern the Chumpi energies.

About the sacred beings who govern the function and power of Chumpeq (guardian spirits, carriers, channelers and weavers of the Chumpi energy).

About its dimensions, paths and most importantly its sacred names, which will open us to a connection and communication with our Chumip Khuya Khipu.

Class 2: Chumpi Khuyakhipu Chaskiy

In this class you will learn:

The correct way on how to receive the Chumpi Khuya and the Chumpi Khuya Khipu.

How the Chumpi Khuyas arrive and how do they reach your hands. You will understand and know if you are called to be a practitioner and healer with the Chumpi energies.

How to open, develop and enable the healing and energetic abilities and gifts with the Chumpis. You will understand the where, the when, how and why you have these sacred Chumpi Khuya stones.

Class 3: Chumpi Khuya Tariy

Many people do not know or feel the energies of the Chumpis. They do not understand or deeply know the forms and the paths of connection with the sacred Chumpi stones in its physical or energetic form. This is due to the lack of knowledge of the techniques, practices and ceremonies that open the connection with the space, energy and dimesion of the Chumpis. In this class you will discover and expore the paths of Chumpi energy and bands.

You will learn about the dimension where the energies of the sacred Chumpi stones are stored and maintained.

You will understand the ways and forms of the dimensions and contact with the Chumpis as you explore the essence and healing forces with the Chumpi Khuyas.

Class 4: Chumpi Khuya Qhaway.

The teachings of the Chumpi Khuya Qhaway lead us to a dimension without time, space and limits. This dimension will lead you into the space of the Chumpi Pacha, where you will discover the path and the gift of sacred vision as you increase your abilities of understanding the Chumpi Quawaq (one who observes, sees and envision the sacred energies of the Chumpi).

You will begin to learn and understand the path of vision of the Chumpeq.

You will learn this path and understand its form, techniques and practices that will allow you to see, feel and perceive the energetic form of each Chumpi Khuya.

Class 5: Chumpi Khuya Tiyachiy

This is the study of the movements, formations and connections of the Chumpi energies and bodies. It is in the forms and positions of the Chumpi Khuyas that determine the fabric and energetic presence in the different dimensional planes of the Chumpis.

You will begin to learn about and understand the practices and physical energetic construction of the Chumpi Khuyas.

You will begin to work with the forms, symbols and essences of the Chumpis as you understand their positioning, their directions and their connections.

Class 6: Chumpi Khuya Kichay

The Chumpi Khuyas have one or more paths in which they travel. They have many channels of connection and communication that one must learn to open in order to enter the different spaces and bodies that operate the Chumpi energies from their dimensional plane.

You will study and perform the Chumpi Khuya Kichay ritual (opening and building the energy path of the Chumpi Khuyas).

You will learn how to open and invite the connection with other forces that are able to connect and synchronize as they operate in cooperation with the Chumpis.

Class 7: Chumpi Khuyakallpa Watay

Each Chumpi energy in the Chumpi Khuya Khipu fulfills a specific function or functions for the Pacha and the Manqos Wasi. The teacher and healer must know when operating the Chumpi energies which energies to tie and maintain and which energies to release. The teacher or healer also needs to know which energies will work momentarily in specific cases.

You will learn how to tie the Chumpi energies as they fulfill their function with you as a carrier of the Chumpi Khipu.

You will begin to understand the techniques and rituals that help the Chumpi energies fulfill their mission and responsibilities.

Class 8: Chumpi Khuya Uyway

According to the ancient tradition of the ancestors the energy of the Chumpi Khuya needs attention, care, responsibility, interaction and connection to maintain its essence and functional power. The carrier of the Chumpi Khipu must know how to treat, care for and maintain each one of the Chumpi Khuyas in their physical state and their energetic space.

You will learn how to treat, care for and maintain your Chumpi Khuyas.

Class 9: Chumpi Khipu Uyway (continued)

The Chumpi Khuya Khipu carries a complex system of energies which require you take the responsibility, respect and dedication of knowing how to operate, maintain and sustain their states and energy levels.

You will focus on the practice of handling and raising the Chumpi energies of the Chumpi Khipu.

You will learn the basic techniques and rituals that every carrier must know and maintain in order to build the structure of the Chumpi energies.

Class 10: Chumpi Khipu Uyway (continued)

In this last session we will complete our in-depth study of Chumpi Khipu Uyway.

Registration and Tuition

This course is delivered through 10 live classes every Sunday from August 8th to October 10th, 1 pm to 4 pm Central Time.

Each class recording will be available as on-demand 3 hour video classes.

Each class is accompanied by a glossary with the Quechua terms.

This course is currently offered at a special introductory price.

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Two Monthly Payments of $365 Each
Three Monthly Payments of $260 Each

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