Harmonic Flow Experience

Harmonic Flow is all about building relationships and being deeply connected to oneself.

The Harmonic Flow Experience has you in the driver's seat with an experienced compassionate co-pilot. Each session will drive you towards a new milestone bringing you joy, happiness and a path to a spiritually rich and fulfilling life.

Harmonic Flow Opens a Direct Channel to Living Inner Happiness

The Harmonic Flow Experience will help you get to the core of the thought patterns and behaviors that keep getting in your way. Each session helps reconnect brain circuitry and neural pathways that have been blocked. This releases stored maladaptive information that keeps us from living consciously and moving forward in our lives.

Harmonic Flow can help you open the pathways to living your life in a way that is more balanced, peaceful and harmonious. This is achieved through placing you firmly in the driver's seat during a session.

By giving you full control during a session, you develop skills that easily transfer into your every day life which will set you free of the limiting beliefs and thought patterns you've been wanting to release for years and even decades.

Harmonic Flow also helps you release the fear and energy around taking the first step towards creating change and experiencing healing.

Harmonic Flow will result in you focusing, being present, directing and manifesting with ease as you begin to co-create “The More” into your life.

Harmonic Re-Alignement and Balancing

Comprised of Brain Based, Body Based, and Spirit Based Techniques

In the Harmonic Flow Session it’s all about building relationship and being deeply connected to oneself, others, spirit and the cosmos, which encompasses everything.

The harmonic re-alignment and balancing is comprised of brain based, body based, and spirit based techniques that help you to discover and define:

  1. What is causing you to experience less…. This could be happiness, peace, energy, health and relationships to name only a few examples.
  2. What is and where is the energy you are holding in your mind and your body?
  3. What do you need to release in order for healing to begin?
  4. What needs to realign in order for you to move forward and expand.
  5. Reconnection to your neurobiology, your body and spirit to ignite and support your new way of being.

Benefits of working with Brain Spotting and Breathwork

Combining Brainspotting and Connected Breathwork during a Harmonic Flow Session has many benefits:

  1. Focused sessions that help you identify and get to the core issues so you can process, release and reorganize your connections to negative beliefs, thought patterns and feelings.
  2. You are in the “drivers seat” as you increase your awareness, ability to recognize, shift and manage conscious and unconscious beliefs and thought patterns.
  3. No Talking Required. Many times with engaging only in talk therapy feels like you are re-hashing and not getting anywhere.
  4. Trusting Your Internal Wisdom and Healing: The mind and body carries the built in ability to heal itself.
  5. Feeling peace and happiness through connection and wholeness. Brain Spotting and Breathwork used in combination create the balance of your mind, body and spirit.

We now have research that shows that the body ineviatably keeps the score and produces adverse reactions resulting in dis-ease and disease experienced from stress of our environment, the foods we eat, imprints living in our cellular structure passed from one generation to the next and yes… even our reactions to thoughts and feelings.

Brain Spotting and Breathwork provide you with neurobiological, somatic and energetic access. You can begin to neutralize and shift upset and discomfort so the brain no longer links negative/painful feelings to distracting and self-defeating behavior.

You are able to shift, bounce back and move forward rather than experiencing and finding yourself operating in flight, fight or freeze mode when you are in the midst of difficulties and challenges.

Schedule Your Harmonic Flow Session Today

Your Harmonic Flow Session is a 60-minute experience.

Although a single session provides relief, multiple sessions will enable you to create life-long deep meaningful change.

Individual session: $70

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