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Welcome to your world of Living Inner Happiness. It’s time for you to experience happiness on a whole new level.

As a spiritual mentor, master energy healer, and trainer I value welcoming you and putting you at ease through building connection and consciousness.

It is important that you feel at ease and held in a safe space to express and heal what is on your heart and mind.

I look forward to our journey together and supporting you in your personal and professional transformation.

With love,

Teri Nehring
Spiritual Mentor & Master Energy Healer

Transformation is experienced by aligning your mind, body and spirit so you can feel happiness inside and out.

Living Inner Happiness helps you to be the co-creator of your life through the use of:

  • Cutting edge therapeutic modalities
  • Training, strategies and tools that make sense and are simple to implement in your personal life and professional practice
  • Accountability to help you connect, clarify and move forward.

It's all about you, it really is!

Living Inner Happiness is your alignment specialist by making it “All About You” and working with you in an integrated, compassionate, comprehensive way. As you participate in therapeutic, consulting or training services, you will have the experience of being:


Be present in the moment “here and now” with no distraction or judgment. This connects all the dots of your life to activate your full potential and create the life you desire.


Through action and collaboration you introduce more ease, success and happiness in your life. You re-awaken and ignite your sense of purpose.


Radical self-acceptance and heightened awareness of your true self enriches your life. This brings more joy to every moment and everything you do.


Complete transformation is experienced by aligning your mind, body and spirit so you can feel happiness inside and out. 

Take a breath of fresh air and reset with our Body Scan Practice. You deserve it.

Do you want to feel more fulfilled and a greater sense of happiness?

Are you looking for more clarity in how to feel fulfilled in your work and relationships and how that extends out into the world?

People often look to all of the things outside of themselves as to how well they are doing in comparison to the other guy.

  • How do I look
  • Do I have a great paying job and enjoy my work
  • Live in a nice house
  • Drive a new car
  • Travel
  • Have money
  • Do I have someone special to share my life with

I absolutely know when you get into the comparison mode, you will always come up short and be left longing for something more…

The core beliefs that people are operating from without even being aware go something like this…

  • I am not safe
  • I am not enough
  • There is something wrong with me
  • I am not loveable
  • If I love someone, they will leave me
  • I am not important
  • I am not worth it
  • I am a failure
  • I am helpless
  • I have no control
  • It’s my fault
  • I am alone

And the list goes on and on......


Learning to identify your core beliefs and challenges is key

It is the foundation from which you reference and source. They are imprinted and rooted into our subconscious mind, becoming part of our cellular structures and energetic make-up.

When you find yourself triggered and feeling emotionally charged, the mind begins to tell a story around your experiences. The expression of these stories become the automatic response through which we live and operate in the world.

Together we will start the process of identifying your core challenges, the beliefs connected to them, and understand the situations, people and things that trigger patterns which no longer serve you.

You will be able release fears being held in the mind and body to move forward with less obstacles.

You will be able to clear and shift thoughts patterns around your core beliefs to pivot and create positive outcomes.

You will be able to think, feel and move in a way that creates greater ease and happiness in all area of your life.

Healer or Healthcare Professional?

Take your therapeutic and healing work to the next level by incorporating proven and powerful healing techniques that will lead to:

Reduce Crisis

Lower the amount of time spent dealing with client crisis situations with easy and effective self-regulation tools.

Increase Results

Increase treatment effectiveness - help clients achieve greater results in a fraction of the time.

Greater Fulfillment

Walk away from sessions feeling more energized and fulfilled knowing your clients are doing more work for their healing so you do less.


Can be used solely or combined with any therapeutic modality to enhance their effectiveness.

Schedule Your Private Harmonic Flow Session With Teri Today!

In a 20-minute, eye-opening online-video-meeting, you will chat face-to-face with Teri to accelerate your expansion or healing process to an exciting new level.

Teri Nehring has been a practicing spiritual mentor, master energy healer and counselor for 30 years, helping thousands of clients achieve wholeness and measurably improved lives.

She has worked with several Medicine People throughout Peru and many teachers from various paths in the United States.

Teri designed the Harmonic Flow Method to empower healers and healing professionals, entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers to achieve a connected, co-creative, conscious and complete experience of their lives.

This method produces a revolutionary experience for clients as they begin to connect with themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Teri reflects, “Embracing flow in your life is like a savory box of assorted chocolates. The excitement lies in not knowing what delightful flavor you’ll experience, only that it’ll be delicious!”

Take a breath of fresh air and reset with our Body Scan Practice. You deserve it.

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