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Walking the Spiritual Path of the Andes

6 Months online training program to create, work with and maintain your personal Mesa

Your Teacher, Teri Nehring

Registration: January 19th to February 10th, 2020

Do you feel deeply connected to the earth and nature?

Do you feel drawn to understanding and working with energy?

Are you ready for a change that will connect you to further understanding your spiritual gifts, purpose and creating shifts in your personal life?

Do you want to feel…

  • Connected
  • More Joy
  • More Peace

Have you been spiritually seeking for a way to uncover and express your truth?

If you have answered yes to any of theses questions, I want to personally extend an invitation to you to explore and begin to walk the Spiritual Path of Andes with me.

Program Details

Registration period: January 19th to February 10th, 2020
You will have the opportunity to learn traditional teachings of the Andean Masters through techniques, practices and energetic codes that will help you to create, work with and maintain your own personal Mesa.

Mesa is a Spanish word for table. In the spiritual context it is a traveling altar that is an energetic bundle that houses Khuyas (stones with energetic qualities that are used to explore, gather information, enhance your spiritual qualities and to heal.)

In this transformational class you will be able to
create your own personal Mesa through exploring your spiritual qualities and understanding how to begin working with and managing living energy.

The process of creating your personal mesa will help you to expand your consciousness. You will learn how transform the parts of yourself that you may have had difficulty shifting because of experiences that have left you with self doubt and fear. You will be able to create a more empowered way of navigating yourself and the world you live in.

I invite you to join in me in the sacred space and creating a circle that connects our spirit, our souls, and the light that shines brightly in each one of us.
To connect in the sacred space and divine through this 6 months online class, click the registration button below.

About Your Teacher

Teri Nehring has been a practicing spiritual mentor, master energy healer and counselor for 30 years, helping thousands of clients achieve wholeness and measurably improved lives.

For over a decade she has worked with authentic Medicine People throughout Peru and many teachers from various paths in the United States.

The training is a 6 month online program.
We will meet two Mondays per month with alternating times.

Online Training Classes

The first class will be from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Central Time and the second class of the month will be from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Central Time. You will receive email reminders. Please block 2 hours of time as we will most likely need all the time. We will meet online using Zoom and you will get access to the call recordings.

Practice Exercises

Throughout the program you will learn practices and techniques and receive complete exploratory work in-between classes. This will include practice exercises and field trip assignments within nature.

Participation & Community

You will have many opportunities to demonstrate your learning during class. You will participate in community through experiencing and working together. You will also have many opportunities to ask questions.

Brain Spotting Sessions

Partake in two personal one on one Brain Spotting sessions for exploring, healing and accelerating your spiritual growth.

Course Materials

We will have a zoom call to talk about materials needed. I will send you an email with the time and date of the call once registration closes.


Materials Needed for Class:
  1. You will need three cloths:

    Two of cloths should measure approximately 24-25 inches long by 24-25 inches wide. Third cloth should measure approx. 25-27 long inches by 25-27 inches wide.

    (The third cloth needs to fit inside your second cloth. This does not have to be exact. For any of the clothes they can be a few inches less. I will have cloths for sale from Peru, please email me at if you are interested.)

  2. You will need a set of cups. I will have wooden sets for sale. Egg cups work great. Two large shells work too. (This is for holding wine).
  3. You will need a small bell
  4. Florida water
  5. Something to tie around your Mesa (called "Watay"). The Watay could be made of leather. I will also have Watays for sale. One Watay will help to secure the outside of your Mesa when folded. The other will go around your stones inside the Mesa.
  6. Rattle or a drum if you have one.

Registration Cost Options

One payment: $895


3 Monthly payments: $345

Registration Period: January 19th to February 10th, 2020

Please register online using the registration button on this page or email

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