“It’s all about the relationship."

Relationships are all about being connected. Connections are created through self, others, your environment and the world you live in.

Brainspotting helps reconnect brain circuitry without talking

Brainspotting helps to reconnect circuitry in the brain that has been disconnected through trauma and negative experiences. You do not need to talk about any painful experiences to benefit from this process.

Brainspotting works by:

  • Opening neural pathways in the brain
  • Reprocessing disruptive information and experiences
  • Reconnecting circuitry in the brain
  • Releasing body sensations and stuck energy

The experience is strengthened through the attuned presence and harmonized energy between the practitioner and the client.

How can Brainspotting help you experience Inner Happiness?

If you struggle with depression, anxiety or addiction, Brainspotting can ease and help to alleviate cravings, emotional discomfort and stress.

The Brainspotting process helps you to focus mindfully and consciously as you connect to your inner self. Through empowering this connection, you learn to re-work, release and shift limiting beliefs and thought patterns along with the body sensations that accompany them.

Brainspotting is effective in working with and resolving performance issues. It can also be used to work on personal and spiritual expansion.

Brainspotting & Harmonic Flow Session

Working with this cutting edge tool leads you to reclaim you and become fully alive and present experiencing more joy, peace and inner happiness.

It is truly a gift and an honor for me to witness and participate in the process of your healing, expansion and transformation.

Brainspotting is one of the many tools used during a Harmonic Flow Session in addition to Connected Breathwork.

If you are curious about Brainspotting I encourage you to schedule a complimentary Harmonic Flow Meet & Greet.

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