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Chakana K'illiy

Unveiling the Sacred Mysteries of the Inkan Chakana

Finding balance and meaning in your life in this physical world

The Chakana is one of the ancient cosmic solar symbols. A sacred code which expresses and manifests the solar cosmic order which organizes all dynamic activity of the forces of the Pacha. It carries the supreme laws and universal principles of the Pacha and secretly holds information of the past, present and future of all dimensional origins and sustains the existing reality of ALL.

Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the original cultures were teachers in science, technology, knowledge and the cosmic wisdom of life. They recognized, conceived and studied the mysteries of the Chakana that are present and manifested in the life of each dimension, energy and cosmic being. Over long periods of time and through many cosmic events, the ancestors developed a deep understanding of the creation of the different forms, levels and dimensions of the Chakana.

The Chakana is a portal of the Pacha and Inti. It is a dimensional oracle platform that functions on many levels. It opens the channels of connection, communication and dimensional contact with the Spirit in many ways. In this class you will learn of the deep hidden meaning and ways of working with the Chakana to access the information it holds.


In this first Chakana series of study and ceremony, we will learn
❖ The essence, meaning and importance of the Chakana in the Pacha and in our lives
❖ The origins, constructions, designs, levels and different manifestations
❖ How to decipher and reveal the hidden mysteries held within this sacred code
❖ How the Chakana guides, influences, orders and connects to our body and our life in this world
❖ The secrets of life and how to align ourselves with the cosmic order.
❖ How to contact and connect with the sacred space and energetic dimension of the Chakana to integrate in our life and in our path of awakening, healing and evolution

This series will include 8 online Zoom classes with Inka T’ito Q’osñipa Kuntur and English translation.


We will start the series with a sacred ritual in the Inkan ancestral tradition, to request permission and authorization to enter study and to open and to connect to the sacred dimensions and forces of the Chakana.
We will begin our study with the Chakana by exploring the knowledge and the mystical science of the ancestors with an introduction on the basic concepts, fundamentals, meanings, symbols, symbolizations, representations, functions and connections of the Chakana in this existence, from this cosmic universe of the Kay Pacha.


We introduce and connect ourselves to the sacred dimensions and universes of the Chakana, its presence and primordial manifestation in the Pacha and the Pacha manifested in the dimension of the Chakana. We look at the universal dimensionality of the Chakana and how the worlds and universes operate, function, connect and interact according to its cosmic laws according to its hierarchy.


This class transports us to the beginning of life and the existence of everything in the Pacha and how the Chakana has manifested and generated everything existing in our physical reality. We will look at the origins of energies and dimensions through historical times.


This will be the study on the Solar Chakana. The manifestations, operations and movements of the energies called Illa Inti in the Chakana that are based on Solar principles. We will explore an ancient technique to open our Ñawin, or energy center, to feel and connect with the solar energies of the Chakana and learn how to visualize, recognize and receive its various energies.


We will explore the four dimensions, states, levels and manifestations of the Chakana. We will learn the relation of the natural cosmic forces of the 4 sacred spaces, and how to prepare ourselves to achieve a true connection with the 4 forces of the Chakana.


In this session, we will learn about the connections, relationships and communications between the dimensions and forces that manifest. We dive into the meaning of its form, its functions, its levels, and its multiple existential connections. We will learn a basic form of an energetic ritual to open up and connect with the space and energy of the Chakana.


This class will be a study about the history and trajectory of the Chakana of the Inkas in the solar nation and nations of the great Tawantinsuyu. This is wisdom that was protected and kept guarded by the original peoples until present times. We will learn how to materialize and manifest the sacred code of the Chakana in ourselves, in our ceremonies, and in our lives.


We will explore the sacred path of the evolution of cosmic and solar beings from this dimension
of Kay Pacha. We will look at the stages, levels, states and dimensions of evolution and
transcendence of each being expressed and manifested in the Chakana, according to its mission, purpose and path that one has assumed. This includes preparing ourselves to perform a ritual that leads to the Wiñay Pacha from the universal laws and the levels embodied in the Chakana, where each Being will have the opportunity to open and initiate the sacred path of awakening, healing and conscious evolution.

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