Weaving the Wisdom and Practices of the Mast'ana

In the Temples and Sacred Spaces of the Andes

Adolfo Ttito Kuntur

Travel Date: April 18th-27th, 2021

**You need to be in Cusco by April 17th.

Have you felt a strong sense, desire or push to continue to deepen your understanding of your Mesa?

Do you want to continue to explore, learn and develop practices that will help you continue your Andean path and working with your Mesa?

Are you ready to be part of an experience working with an Altomesayok, Wisdom Keepers and Spiritual Paco’s that will help you to continue your personal journey of mastery and healing?

Did you know that the Mast’ana that carries your Khuyas has is own secrets, language, wisdom and energetic codes?


If you have answered yes to these questions then...

This is the right training and journey for you!

This sacred journey is dedicated to the study, recognition, practice and connection with the worlds of PACHAS (dimensions and universes in time and space), temples and energy points, Altars and sacred spaces.

Our studies will focus on the codes, paths, shapes, symbols, colors, manifestations, connections and representations of the world of MAST'ANAS.

In working with the Mast’ana, we will learn their correct uses and operations, their movements, positions, techniques and ceremonies, as part of the preparation for an opening and connection with the dimension of the worlds of PACHA.

We will learn the ancestral processes and techniques of preparation to open and create multiple ways and paths of awakening and activation of energies in the universes, where cosmic energies are codified in your own world.

We will begin our relationship and learn how to be in contact and work with the natural and cosmic forces. We will work with the beings that interact in our dimension and other dimensions of the Pacha.

The ancestral techniques will guide and open us to the dimensional world of energies, where we will learn to work with land forces, cosmic energy codes and cosmic beings in our sacred space and our altar, which we call PACHA MAST’AY.

Adolfo Ttito Kuntur

Adolfo is a Peruvian born Altomisayoq in the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition and a direct descendant of the Inka. His holistic wisdom comes from millennia of indigenous Earth & Star Keepers and Celestial Beings who have passed down their sacred knowledge from maestro to apprentice via traditional rites of initiation.

He is one of the few Andean maestros who maintain embodiment of their ancient celestial wisdom. Adolfo has taken it upon himself to pass along these heart teachings to help support humanity's transformation.

The training will be held in 4 parts, during the 10-day trip:

Part One

MAST’ANAS. Studies and practice of the different types and forms of MAST’ANAS, recognition and interpretation of their codes, their colors, their shapes, their sizes, their variations, their connections and cosmic representations.

Part Two

MAST'ANAY MAST'AY: In the second part of the training, we will study and practice the techniques, possessions, energy points, movements, directions, functions and the correct operations of each MAST'ANA, its connections with the WASI MANQOS(body) (system and structure of the sacred bodies) and the different Pachas. (Pacha is a space)

Part Three

PACHA MAST’AY. The third part in our studies of the Mast’ana is dedicated to: preparation, opening, activation, connection, construction, attraction, creation and management of the PACHA and its diverse energies that interact in the sacred act of the PACHA MAST’AY.

Part Four

We will learn about and work with the practice of the PACHA KALLPAWAN TUPAY (contact and conscious communication with the energies and cosmic beings of the PACHA).

We will learn the ways, portals and sources of communication and contact with the energies and the beings that operate the cosmic energies. Theses energies are organized from the central point of our PACHA to the creation and activation of our sacred spaces

We will also learn how to receive and maintain the energies of Pacha, how to properly close and conclude the fields, channels and portals of energies and cosmic beings.

Simplified program of travel to the Sacred Spaces:

First Day: Travel from Cusco to the ancestral Village of PumaQanchi, approximately 3 hours. Overnight in the family center.

Second Day: People of Pumaqanchi, we will visit the source of sacred water called the Paqarina of the Qanchis ancestors. Overnight at the family center.

Third Day: Village of Pumaqanchi / we will visit the PACHAMAMA temple, which is close to the town of Pumaqanchi. Overnight at the family center.

Fourth Day:Village of Pumaqanchi / Sacred Mountain of Walqani, which is located about 40 minutes from the town. Overnight at the family center.

Fifth Day: Village of Pumaqanchi / trip to the sacred mountain of the ancestors, PUMA WASI, the temple of the energy of the sacred beings of KAY PACHA. Overnight at the family center.

Sixth Day: Pumaqanchi trip to Inka Sacred Valley. Approximate travel time: 3 hours. Overnight stay: at the Inka Sacred Valley hotel.

Seventh Day: Sacred Valley of the Inkas, we will travel to the ancestral temple of Anqas Marka's grandparents, then we will continue traveling to the camp, at the foot of the sacred mountain of SAWASIRAY PITUSIRAY. The entire trip will last approximately 3 hours. We will Camp at the foot of the sacred mountain.

Eight - Ninth Day: We will remain in the sacred mountain of SAWASIRAY AND PITUSIRAY. We will be Camping at the foot of the sacred mountain. We will remain in the sacred mountain of SAWASIRAY AND PITUSIRAY.

Tenth Day: Kacharpqriy ceremony, which is based on the integration and blessing of spiritual fathers and mothers. We will end with an ancestral ceremony of Kusikuy, thanking and expressing our unconditional love for the whole sacred journey. In the afternoon, after a visit to the Springs we will return to the ancestral city Cusco.

Teri Nehring

Cost for the trip is: $3,299

This includes almost all meals, your single room stay at the Amaru Hotel April 18th and on the 27th before departure to your home destination. There will be double occupancy at the retreat center in Pumaquanchi and while tenting in the mountains. If we can provide a single tent for you while in the mountains, we will try.

You will need to take a taxi roughly 25 sols ($7.50) from the airport to the Amaru Inca, most drivers know where the hotel is. We will have a zoom call about all the particulars once we know who will be attending.


The Hot Springs in Lamay coming home from the mountains costs roughly 15 sols, ($4.50).

You need to be in Cusco by April 17th. It is suggested that if you can you arrive on the 17th so you can rest and acclimate.

DEPOSIT of $500 USD needs to be sent by: July 1st, 2020 via Wire Transfer, Paypal to littlewarrior41166@yahoo.com .

Or Check to Teri Nehring:
227 Louise Drive
Wrightstown, WI 54180

****We need deposits in so we can secure lodging and secure out dates with the brothers. In Peru, the sooner the better as there are thousands and thousands that travel to Peru yearly. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!

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