The Inkan Prophecies and the Return of the Pachakutiy: Module 3

Pachakutiy Rimariynin

* Class will begin on November 4th to December 23rd. Wednesdays 6 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. central time.

Brother Tupaq

The Pachakutiy speaks to us unveiling the ancient Inka prophecies. There are information and teachings that the Pachakutiy brings us, through different means and forms. The forms are speaking to us in their own language.

Many times we do not understand them or we interpret it incorrectly and we fall into the gravity of our own state of our energy, the energy from our environment and are carried away by certain events and the subtle invisible forces that accompany the Pachakutiy.

T'ito Playing Flute

Module 3 answers these important questions:

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What information and knowledge does Pachakutiy carry and bring us

How, when and why does Pachakutiy speak to us

How do you enter into connection and communication with the forces and Sacred Beings of the Pachakutiy

How do you detect and recognize changes and manifestations of the Pachakutiy forces

What levels and ways of awakening does the Pachakutiy bring

Module 3 will help you to see and understand the signs and Manifestations of the Pachakutiy.

Learn how to listen to the voice and the message of the Pachakutiy.

Understand your task and mission in the Pachakutiy.

Module 3 will provide you with an in depth understanding of the Pachakutiy Rimariynin. You will know how to Listen, observe and recognize what the Pachakutiy wants to tell you.

This is your opportunity to learn ancestral techniques of perceiving, feeling and seeing.
Learn the movements and presence of the forces that animate and move the essence of our being and each energy that accompanies it as you begin to master the unique teachings and techniques of working with the Pachakutiy.

Join us as we explore the Law and Cosmic Order of the Pachakutiy

Class 1: Pachakutiypa Rimaynin

This session will help you to study and learn about the voice and the voices of the Pachakutiy.

You will understand how to recognize and listen to that voice that speaks to us. You will begin to understand the language and means of communication that the Pachakutiy has with the living beings of this physical world.

You will gain access to the sacred codes and languages ​​of the Pacha and Pachakutiy in order to understand the prophecies.

This class session will help you to learn to consciously open up and connect with the message that Pachakutiy brings you.

T'ito Sun Prayer

Class 2: Pachakutiy Yachaynin

You will have the opportunity to access the mysterious world of messages, teachings and information that Pachakutiy brings you. You will learn about the knowledge that manifests and guides the world.

You will be able to access the information codes that were saved and protected for the future generations of the Pachakutiy and the cosmic sacred knowledge that must be manifested.

In this session, you will explore its origins, processes, manifestations, managements and levels of the sacred Knowledge of Pachakutiy.

Class 3: Pachakutiq Phiñakuynin

In this session you will know and study the mysterious, unknown and difficult part of the Pachakutiy.

This is the part that directly or indirectly affects peoples lives. It is a force and dimension of the Pachakutiy that affects, moves, alters and causes transcendental changes in different spaces, levels and states of being.

You will begin to know why, when, how and what the Pachakutiy is upset and angry about along with the changes and alterations of the forces and sacred beings of the Pachakutiy.

Class 4: Pachakutiy Llakllaynin

In this study session, you will discover the sensitivity and the subtlety of the forces of Pachakiutiy.

You will understand how the subtle, sensitive and non-sensitive forces direct and conduct the energies of the beings of this world.

You will begin to explore the fears weaknesses and despair in the different changes of its state of being that are generated.

In this session, you will explore Pachakutiy Llakllaynin in two different contexts. You will explore the manifested and unmanifested Pachakutiy, the Pachakutiy that acts silently and the Pachakutiy that is visible.

You will learn about the Pachakutiy that moves subtly in the world of energy and its manifestation in the physical world. 

You will learn about the static and the movement, the reaction and the stillness, the radical change and the subtle change faced by the living beings in this physical body.

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Class 5: Pachakutiy Ñikch’arichiynin

In this class session, you will begin to understand and recognize the awakening of the Pachakutiy, the awakening of the dormant forces that accompany the Pachakutiy, the awakening of the cosmic beings that come in crucial and momentous times.

Explore the awakening of the 4 forces and the 4 sacred beings of the 4 dimensions that return with the Pachakutiy of the 4 dimensions that return with the Pachakutiy.

Understand the awakening and activation of the forces and essences of each corporeal being.

Understand the awakening and activation of consciousness and cosmic memory in their different contexts, levels and cosmic realities.

Class 6: Pachakutiy Qhaway

You will focus on how the Pachakutiy perceives us, observes and looks at us consciously in how we are living, each intention, action, decision and omission that you are making from your physical body.

Learn the basic techniques to awaken and open your cosmic eye to visualize and observe the events and cosmic manifestations that the Pachakutiy brings.

T'ito Working

Class 7: Pachakutiy Uyariy

You will study and learn one of the basic ancestral techniques to train your senses to listen, hear and feel the messages and information of the Pachakutiy.

Learn how to hear and understand the voices and messages that the Pachakutiy is sending you along with the signals and signs you must learn to interpret and decipher.

Class 8: Pachakutiriy / Q’onyakuy

Learn the correct way to connect and access the dimension and events of Pachakutiy that include the forms and techniques of connection and synchronization with the forces, events and laws of Pachakutiy.

Create intentions that will help you to make decisions for different levels of your life. This knowledge will help you to create the actions and work with attention that is focused according to your vision and mission from your physical body.

In this last class session, you will receive the indications and instructions to fulfill the sacred Ceremony of the Pachakutiywan Rimay and Pachakutiy.

This is important so you can enter into connection and communication with the Pachakutiy in order to prepare and train your energies as you move through the events of the Pachakutiy.

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